Friday, September 16, 2005

mexico and hove

Some absolutely magnificent shots of Mexico City courtesy of a local Helicopter pilot, here, and well worth a look - I shan't copy and paste any of the images here because they're, well, not mine; but they're quite stunning. The shanty towns and the modern prefabs an unbelievable contrast to the opulence of the rich half of the city and the stunning scenery, all sweeping curves, blue skies and volcanic promise. Thanks to JennyCide for the link.

Mexico City at Wikipedia

Similarly architecturally, here's a kind-of, sort-of interesting article about the mooted Gehry building in Hove from why-did-you-bother-new-Guardian-columnist Simon Jenkins.

"Walk west along the Brighton seafront. Ignore the horror of the conference centre. Ignore the sad carcass of the doomed West Pier. Ignore the detritus of half a century of dud town planning.

At the old Hove boundary your spirit starts to lift. At stately Brunswick Terrace order is restored. Brunswick Square washes inland on a tide of billowing stucco, one of the noblest squares in England. At Adelaide Crescent is a crescendo of architecture and landscape which surpasses anything in Bath. Hove by the sea is, in Betjeman's words, a rare English town one could safely call "her". It is lush and beautiful."

I hate articles (or books) that quote Betjemen. I'm looking forward to the Gehry building, though, even though it's been watered down a bit from its original design.

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paul said...

"Nothing should intrude on that splendour."

Except, as one Hove resident pointed out in the letters page on Saturday, the noble King Alfred Sports Centre and the splendid vista of Shoreham power station.

I have to agree that they'd improve Brighton seafront, though. Then again bulldozing the Conference Centre and leaving the resultant pile of rubble would be a marginal improvement.