Friday, September 23, 2005

a song for peel

A new version of the Buzzcocks' lovely 'Ever Fallen In Love' is being recorded as a tribute single to the late and even lovelier John Peel: artists contributing include The Futureheads, Hooky, Pete Shelley, Robert Plant and Roger Daltrey. I guess it'll be a kind of 'Perfect Day' style amalgamation, and while it does sound like a faintly silly idea, it's been organised by John's son, Tom, and all proceeds will go to Amnesty International. It'll be released on November 21, so buy it, I guess. If you've stopped laughing after Mark E Smith's performance on Final Score a few days earlier, that is.

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Dirk said...

Totally unrelated to your post...sorry...but thinking about the comment you left on my blog, and thinking of all of those articles in the Guardian entitled, What is England? or what does it mean to be English, what is representative of the UK?