Monday, September 26, 2005

straw poll

tonight, should I watch:

Documentary on Bob Dylan on BBC2, by Martin Scorcese.
(pros: good reviews, hesitant interest in Bob. cons: likely to be very fawning, already feel like I've watched it after about a million trailers on both the TV and the radio)

Tottenham Vs Fulham on Sky Sports, in the pub.
(pros: beer, it can't possibly get any worse than defeat by Grimsby. cons: it just might).


Votes in the comments box please...


Anonymous said...

both sound like thoroughly miserable ways of spending an evening. but at least the footy will be in the pub, so go for that.

James said...

Vote #2 for Spurs.

Anonymous said...


That's a vote for Bobby.

Kate said...

2-2: another vote for Bob.

jonathan said...

Oh, no, the end of the working day and it's a draw!? What am I going to do?

Football in pub with Bob Dylan on my iPod? Watch the Bob Dylan thing but turn over to teletext everytime they say the word 'Judas'? I dunno.

Last minute voting very much needed.

BB said...

I'd just scratch my own eyes out and solve the dilemma that way :-)

I mean, Fulham...

Mark Holland said...

Dylan was great. I'm not a fan per-se but it was a fascinating look at the times.

I noticed on the Woodstock movie and again in last night: that Joan Baez is an awesome singer.

No mention of "Judas" either. That'll be tonight.