Wednesday, January 05, 2005


A bit of a thin thing to post about, but I like this.

Unlike Anne-So, I managed to avoid most of the X-factor this year, especially when it became clear that - for all the stoked up psuedo-rivalry, - they had a clear winner from the outset. Steve, as housewife's choice, was always going to win.

So - offering further proof - I was amused to note Phill, over on his Danger... High Postage blog, mentioning that, on a recent night out,

"I saw Smiling Steve, the winner of X Factor. 'He smiled at me' I excitedly said to a friend. 'Yeah he smiled at me too' she said. Then someone else chirps up from across the room 'me too'. So this is how he managed to win, his face is like one of those paintings with the eyes that seem to follow you round the room, only it's his smile instead. Very sinister indeed."

Sounds about right.

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