Friday, January 07, 2005

reckless and oppositional music

A nice article on the newly reformed and spellbindingly fantastic (then, and probably now too) Gang of Four in today's paper. They 'stumbled upon' their sound, a kind of furious, jagged funk, the article relates, when

"[Andy] Gill attempted reggae and came up with a unique feedback-ridden racket once described as "pigeons crashing through a grand piano".

Which is an excellent description. Elsewhere the article tells how...

"Once Gill and Allen had a fist fight after the bassist placed his foot on a monitor, which Gill perceived as 'rockist'."

Fuckin' right. Anyone in Assistant try that and they'll be in trouble.

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Milk said...

"Could I be happy with something else! I need someone to fill my time!" [GO4's What we All Want]

Gang of Four rule!