Monday, January 10, 2005


In Italy,

Centre-left politician Enzo Foschi said: 'That salute... gives legitimacy to fascism, a murderous and tyrannical ideology. I take my cap off to Di Canio the footballer, but Di Canio the fascist is a disgrace.'

Di Canio the fascist!?? Well, it appears that Di Canio made "a stiff right-arm salute to the Lazio fans" at a recent match.

He has denied it was a political gesture, but The Observer (who printed this story yesterday) point out that "In his autobiography the trouble-prone Italian said he was 'fascinated' by Mussolini, whom he described as 'deeply misunderstood' and 'basically a very principled, ethical individual'."

More on the story here.

In 2000 Paulo Di Canio made the headlines by opting to catch a cross which he could have fired into an empty net so that the opposition team's injured goalkeeper could get treatment quicker. I think this is the gesture I prefer.

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