Sunday, January 09, 2005

records of the year, fin.

Ah, I really never quite got myself organised to finish my records of the year list (here and here); I'll append the other records that really impressed me this year:

1. !!! - Louden Up Now: By all accounts, the new LCD Soundsystem album is pretty marvellous, although I've only heard a few tracks so far. Either way, for all James Murphy's band's sheer impressiveness, I know that I'd rather go to a !!! gig anyday; they're 2004's best party band - exuberant, esoteric and sheer good fun. Easily one of the best albums of the year.

2. Wu Tang Clan - Disciples of the 36 Chambers: a real late entry, seeing as I only got this yesterday; nevertheless, it's just incredible, the best Wu Tang group cut since the first album as far as I'm concerned. It's pure Wu Tang hip hop, dark, dirty and inspiring - and surely hip hop's best live album ever? And god it makes me feel stupid for missing them when they came to Brighton in the summer.

3. Infinite Livez - Bush Meat: on the other hand, if US rappers won't come to you... Further proof that UK rap can - occasionally - match the best from the rest of the world. Bush Meat was daft, inventive and funky, a brilliant LP.

4. Bjork - Medulla: Vespertine was the first Bjork album I had that I just wanted to play again and again and again, the one where she really came together for me, although I appreciate that I was behind the rest of the world in that respect. Medulla is almost as good, I think, and brilliantly original. I haven't gone back to it as many times, but it's a stunning album all the same.

5. Junior Boys - Last Exit: I thought this was potentially an absolutely magnificent record, but was initially a little underwhelmed at the lack of memorable songs. Since then I've settled down into thinking it hugely impressive by nature of it's pristine execution; the idea - flat electro-pop in a jerky, Timbaland template - is beautifully, minutely executed. A shame that only 'Birthday' sounds truly life-changing.

6. Dizzee Rascal - Showtime: In many ways better than Boy In The Corner, Showtime somehow boasts less memorable moments, but at it's best it's miles ahead of everything else in this - or any other - list. Definitely the most compelling artist in the world right now.

7. Michael Mayer - Fabric 13 / Tyrant - Fabric 15: Take your pick - two astonishing mix CDs which will make you want to forget about guitars forever.

and some honorouble mentions:

Brilliant in places
Miss Kittin - I Com
Skinnyman - Council Estate of Mind
Madvillain - Madvillainy
Dave Clarke - Devil's Advocate
Fennesz - Venice
Kanye West - College Dropout
Ghostface - The Pretty Toney LP

A little underwhelming but still pretty great
Interpol - Antics
Liars - They were wrong so we drowned
Afuken - Fabric 17
Graham Coxon - Happiness in Magazines
Radio 4 - Stealing of a Nation
The Fiery Furnaces - Blueberry Boat

A bit disappointing
The Secret Machines - Now Here is Nowhere

Far better than anticipated:
The Cure - The Cure
The Stills - Logic Will Break Your Heart

Undeniably impressive but never quite made it on to my stereo more than 2 or 3 times:
Mylo - Destroy Rock and Roll
Nick Cave - The Lyre of Orpheus / Abbatoir Blues
Tom Waits - Real Gone

Great but quite shamelessly ripping off New Order
The Killers - Hot Fuss

Best songs of 2004, no fuckin' arguing:

1. Kelis - Trick Me
2. The Futureheads - Meantime
3. LCD Soundsystem - Yeah (Crass Mix)
4. Wiley - Wot Do U Call It?
5. Graham Coxon - Freakin Out
6. Franz Ferdinand - Take Me Out
7. Britney Spears - Toxic
8. The Streets - Fit But You Know It
9. Electrelane - The Valleys
10. Rachel Stevens - Some Girls
11. Johnny Boy - You Are The Generation That Bought More Shoes And You Get What You Deserve
12. The Walkmen - The Rat
13. The Junior Boys - Birthday
14. The Killers - Mr Brightside
15. The Libertines - Can't Stand Me Now
16. Dizzee Rascal - Stand Up Tall
17. Annie - Chewing Gum

Ok. That's that. No more lists for a while, I promise.


Stephen Newton said...

I was going to point out that Keilis's Milkshake is better than Trick Me. But then I saw Rachel Stevens on your list and realised you were being ironic.

jonathan said...

Yeah, I probably should have put Milkshake in there too, although 'Trick Me' is still my favourite of the two. As for Rachel Stevens - 'Some Girls' was genius; giddy electropop music made by men with Dr. Who fetishes for blank girls to sing: it doesn't get much better than that :-)