Saturday, February 28, 2004

it's a bit nippy out... (the piranha files vol.1)

Look here! I've had 150 hits today from people looking up piranhas. What's with you? I mean, I like piranhas too, but... What's happening!? Is there a piranha epidemic that I've missed? I mean, don't get me wrong, you're very welcome, but I'm disturbed. If I knew how popular piranhas were I'd have written about them more. Well, before you shoot off there's another post at the top of my blog - with more piranha links - if you want to have a look: click here and then scroll down a wee bit. And feel free to say hi in the comments box below... Cheers. (Jonathan, 03/08/04)

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Wow, this article points out that

"Experts say [the piranha's] reputation for attacking humans is exaggerated"

which is a pity, already. Yet they go on to say

"it is thought a shoal of the fish devoured up to 300 people when their boat capsized and sank near Obidos in Brazil in September 1981."

Now that's what I'm talking about! Fantastic stuff.

More on piranhas, my new favourite animal, here:

(And a later post on the subject is here)

In case you didn't follow the first link, they found a piranha in the Thames today. Hence my sudden and explicable excitement.

Moving house tomorrow, so have to get my broadband switched over. True to form, I found a couple of links which feature things I now want to download, pah. El Mundo Perdido is a great, Blissblog-esque weblog with plenty of good music stuff on it (Scissor Sisters, Liars and 8-bar all mentioned in the last couple of entries), and Code Blue posts her tracks of 2003 and makes me want to go back to Limewire all the more. Ah well - next week.

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