Wednesday, February 25, 2004

The Observer | OMM | My first love

An excellent article from Sunday's Observer Music Monthly. Helen Walsh on raving - kind of a literary companion to The Streets's 'Weak Become Heroes'....

The Observer OMM My first love

A woefully un-updated blog in the last few days, argh. We moved house on Saturday, trecking as ever from one end of Brighton to the other, with appreciated help from Pete, Mark and Andrew; the move itself was as swift and hassle-free as I've ever experienced, and Pete's van-packing was Tetris-like in its efficiency. The new flat is lovely, although it hadn't been cleaned, which was a bit disappointing - still, we had Monday and Tuesday off so we rolled up our sleeves and did a fairly major imposing-of-order, and it all looks great now; significantly smaller than our last place, which was positvely cavernous, but somehow better for it; snug and handsome. Living back in Kemptown means more incidental noise and more crazies; after the neighbours from hell experience in Seven Dials we're kinda edgy and cautious at the merest sign of intrusive volume. But so far it's all been isolated - the car alarm, the passing revellers, a bit of sound from the re-decorated and newly-awful Sidewinder. So no sign yet of persistant noisemakers, but we'll see. Actually, having said that, someone further down our road was playing Guns and Roses at 2.30 in the morning last night, which was outrageous, but I refuse to believe anyone could do that regularly and not get shot by his or her neighbours. Surely?

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