Thursday, February 12, 2004

Danger Mouse vs The Beatles

So, Danger Mouse (one half of DM and Jemini, whose 'Ghetto Pop Life' is, apparently, one of the better underground hip hop albums of recent years - I won't pretend I've heard it) has just had his new LP, 'The Grey Album' shelved because of legal threats from EMI. Why? Because the album marries the entire acapella version of Jay-Z's 'The Black Album' to DM's twisted, cut-up remix of The Beatles 'White Album'. Apparently every note is traceable back to the original LP, and I've just sought it out online and been listening to it. In short - it's absolute genius. It may be true that I'd sooner gnaw my own leg off than listen to the Beatles(s) version, but this is well worth the effort DM expended. There's some info on the LP here, and if you hover your cursor around a bit you might just find a link to the album itself too.