Tuesday, February 17, 2004

other blogs...

Know your enemy. Actually, the author of Conservative Commentary, a young, ahem, tory maintains one of the best political blogs I've come across, even if he makes me furious at every twist and turn. Still - his site is interesting and full of good links.

You'll notice I've been updating my links list, which is how I keep dredging up blogs at the moment. The ones on the left are all good; particularly ...greyblog..., which is Chichester based, and which delves into blog radio a little, no rock and roll fun, which is great for pop music news and links (it has a picture of The White Stripes in the top left corner, but don't let that put you off), and linkmachinego, which is just lotsoflinkstointerestingstoriesalltightlyjumbledup. There's a good link to recently updated uk blogs, too, which is hosted at the same site. And I just joined the Blogging Brits blog ring, too.

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