Tuesday, February 10, 2004

Bedsit Bomber and Tracktion

Andrew has posted a new song, 'Twinkle', on his blog, and it's good enough to warrant a link, I think - for me it really gets going towards the end, with its almost MBV feedback style effects. Really good. I see that he's also downloaded Tracktion, which is exciting - looking forward to hearing how it goes. I won't post another tracktion link after this, because they're doubtless boring to everyone but me and A, but one quote from the digitalprosound website all but persuades me it's the way to go:

Tracktion features unlimited audio tracks, decent FX, and VST plugin capability. Tracktion also features huge icons pointing to input sources, output sources, FX, Volume, Panning, Metering, and a screaming loud helper/popup feature. (this can be disabled by clicking the Help button) Hovering the mouse over any aspect of the application immediately pops up not only a help file, but also tips and tricks related to that file.

Tracktion also is unique in that it supports MIDI files as well, ported to outputs whereever you'd like the audio to come from, be it a soft synth, sound card synth, or external device. While the MIDI functionality is basic, it's also Reason-ably complete. It's got ReWire® support for tools that can take advantage of it. For the price of the application this too is a huge yet welcome surprise.

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