Thursday, February 12, 2004

I steal all my content from the Guardian...

For those of us who are completely caught up in Erwin James's Prison Diaries in the Guardian, today's entry comes as a warm and pleasant surprise. Read the good news at

Guardian Unlimited The Guardian Erwin James: A life inside

A couple of interesting Blogging links are worth a look too,

Presidential Race Goes Offline

Audible Revolution

and the Guardian gives us new bands, hurrah. With the exception of Black Wire, they all sound great. More on Danger Mouse to follow....

Stars in Their Eyes

and finally, a thought-for-the-day style aside from G2's sidelines...

· God gave us a booty, so surely she meant us to shake it, don't you think? Our long-held philosophy has this week been supported by BeyoncĂ©, who has thoughtfully been explaining how she reconciles her raunchy stage act with her devotion to Christianity. "I honestly believe [God] wants people to celebrate their bodies, as long as you don't compromise your Christianity in the process," said the vigorous-thighed chanteuse. Absolutely, Ms Knowles. We're sure God herself is partial to the odd bit of spandex and groin-writhing from time to time.

Well, quite.

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