Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Weird how things come back around; five years ago you'd have been laughed out of town for liking The Boss. So I kept my mouth shut. Now Springsteen is back in fashion, and I confess all. Nice Drowned in Sound feature here.

As ever, I defer to Laura Barton, who can explain better. She says:

"One of the things I love about Springsteen is his ability to build a song out of such simple, small-town materials. His words are the linguistic equivalent of mere bricks and mortar, sand and cement - cars and girls, highways and factories. So by rights his songs should be plain, four-square houses with neat lawns and jolly red chimney pots. But instead he manages to construct extraordinary towers".

Which is true.

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Nat XXX said...

I personally have a theory: What is unfashionable is nowadays fashionable (in all sorts of things, fashion, music, etc), Therefore, since all unfashionabe things are now fashionable is sorta unfashionable to be too fashionable..Therefore, if unfashionable stuff is now fashionable : you are again unfashionable...

In conclusion: Listen to what you like and wear what you like and do your hair any old way you see fit cos the truth is, no-one really gives a shit...(Not you Jonathan, just in general )


Despite my theory I think listening to Michael Bolton will ALWAYS be unfashionable (it´s the exception that denies the rule)