Monday, May 12, 2008

more updates

A quick thought prompted by Facebook, and those interminable ' in a relationship', ' single' messages, which continue to wash up in the tide with increasingly regularity. Perhaps it's because many of my friends are churning around in their late twenties and early thirties, but we all seem to be falling in and out of love at an amazing rate these days. I think this is rather wonderful, but others might see it as cause for concern.


Bloggers4Labour said...

Yeah, I'm amazed at the rate, too :-)

Nat XXX said...

It´s called "life" and it´s happening to all of us!

In my case I keep falling in and out of love with my cat Sami, who I currently loathe, so we´ve breaken up now.

But you´re right, it gets tiring, in my case I just decided to leave it as "single", in any case, who´s business is it, right?


jonathan said...

You've just left it as single so you can flirt with more boys! :-)

Milly said...

You can just leave it off altogether keeping an air of mystery ;) I have a friend who regularly changes hers to "single" every time she has an argument with her boyfriend and I've kind of stopped caring whether it's for real or not now!

Nat XXX said...

In truth , I keep changing my mind. First I put it as in a relationship cos i was in one then as milly said I had an argument with the boy and changed it (even tho he doesnt use Facebook), then I felt stupid so as i joke I said i was going out with my cat who also has a Facebook account. But she gets on my nerves so now I am single again..

And then I think: Who gives a shit? No-one does. So I am going to do what milly says and leave it as a mistery.

Boys smell anyways...baaaaaaaa