Sunday, May 04, 2008

non-impulse purchase

I'm massively taken with the Wave Pictures at the moment, as a forthcoming post will attest, and my obsession with their incredible 'Instant Coffee Baby' LP has reminded me that when I saw them play last year at the End of The Road I was much taken with the idea of picking up a ukulele. At that point the only purpose was to sit and play it by the tent and try to look cool (like them), but in the intervening months I've realised that having one would actually serve a more useful purpose, which can best be explained thus: I'm sick of looking around Leicester, Coventry and Hull.

Well, not really - it's always nice visiting new places, and I usually take the courtesy to look around, but the fact remains that I travel a lot for work these days, and spend a lot of time in hotel rooms. So having an easily transportable musical instrument to take with me is a real boon. Accordingly, I picked one up this week and took it to Leicester with me. Only had a couple of hours with it, but really enjoyed playing it - and wrote and recorded a song that evening. Will post it here later.

Photo below. In the meantime, only one observation: not actually making me look cool at all, then, unfortunately. Ah well.


Nat XXX said...

You look cool with the little guitar Jon! Like some giant! Your room is a mess YOUNG MAN!

IFuny, the other day I was at a shooting of a short movie and in the guy's place where we were shooting , there was that same little guitar, only it was blue, it found it very difficult to play, only wit 4 strigs...
Still not as cool as a "proper" instrument, but cool to just put on your rucksack and carrring it around , hehe.



Dan said...

Hehe.. It's George Foreman!