Monday, May 05, 2008

something good that grows

Okay, time for another song; I wrote and recorded this using my first - and at that point only - four ukulele chords in a hotel room in Leicester last week, a couple of hours after I bought the new instrument. The whole thing took me about an hour, so it's a bit rough and ready, but it sounds good to me. When I got back to Brighton I added a bassline and a (sort of) electric guitar solo, but everything else in the mix is uke, including the distorted guitar sounds.

Assistant - Something Good That Grows [2.13 mins, 3.1mb]


Dan said...

Very nice J. Dare I say that it reminds me of a certain Belle & Sebastian?

Nat XXX said...

Hey Jonas I really like it! It´s really chilled out. The ukelele sounds fab.

"making plans for spring time" ha?

And what might those be?
Perhaps coming to visit Bcn? :)



jonathan said...

Belle and Sebastian? Curse you, Daniel!

Nat, glad you liked it! I'd love to come to Barcelona - been thinking that for a while, should sort it out.