Tuesday, May 27, 2008

a green 2008?

There's an interesting piece on the Hii Dunia blog this week about John McCain and the possibility that the next US President will be an active defender of the environment. It's a thoughtful, optimistic piece, and worth a read. The author, Daniel Furr, concludes:

"It is difficult to predict who will win the general election in November and how their administration will benefit the people of America. However; the environment is now a significant issue in American politics and all candidates have promised to defend the green agenda on the international stage. Both parties now understand the importance of the American role towards the climate of the planet. Regardless of the result: the future of America will be bright, prosperous and green".
Do take a look and see what you think. I have to admit that, at a time when I dread picking up the paper every day, fearing more news of the Tory revival, I don't share Daniel's good opinion of either McCain or the ghastly David Cameron. But in a funny sort of way, I hope he's right.

Lots more thoughts on this from me in the comments box on Daniel's post, so probably best to tell me I'm wrong there, rather than here.

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