Wednesday, May 14, 2008

defying expectations

There's a good interview with John Galliano in this month's Harper.

Galliano is fabled for his research trips, and his clothes tell the story of his muses and adventures. "For me, travel is the most powerful source of ideas." He goes to all corners of the globe to mine the cultures for inspiration and then transforms his findings into designs that defy expectations. "I'm like a pirate. I love to travel; it's what inspires me," he says. "Creativity has no nationality, so I don't want to leave any stone unturned. I love understanding and seeing different cultures. At Christmas, I hung out with a Maasai tribe, and I sang, danced, and drank with them. It was the most amazing experience. I wasn't 'John Galliano the fashion designer.' I was just their new friend. There were lions, tigers, and giraffes. We held hands, we danced, and I didn't know what the real world was anymore. It was very humbling, honest, and pure."
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