Wednesday, October 03, 2007

talking about me

We're not far past midday, granted, and I have had lots of nice birthday messages from my friends, via email, telephone, text message and facebook, but so far Ali is my stand-out friend of the day, courtesy of this nice blog post, where she has been celebrating my 30th by, er, stalking a Jonathan-a-like in London.

"I carefully took my phone from my bag and switched on the camera, and pointed it in the doppel’s direction. I marvelled at the quirky combination of mismatching jacket and trousers, the dark combed forward and over hair and the heavy framed glasses. I took in what appeared to be a very worthy book title and it all fitted perfectly. It was a sign. I raised my phone pretending cunningly to text and the Jon-alike turned his head downwards so he was barely visible on my screen. He then looked up and no sooner had he done so, but a trendy tosser wearing a navy blue fitted jacket with the collar turned up stood in-between us."
You're ace, Ali!


Ali P said...

I'm friend of the day so far...tra la la la la.

(as at 2.51pm).

Kat said...

oh, happy birthday! :-)

Dan said...

Happy birthday (again)..

I just wanted to point out incase you are feeling really old, that you must take solice in the fact that you are somehow 20 years younger than that bastion of 'yoof' Tim Westwood.

Unbelievably Mr Hip Hop is 50! He's also the son of a Bishop! Did you know that?