Tuesday, October 02, 2007

roast ox crisps

I've just bought myself a packet of Handcooked Real Crisps, unable to resist the fact that the packet in question is branded 'Roast Ox Flavour'. Roast Ox! The ingredients are a fabulous read: "potatoes, sunflower oil, roast ox flavour'. Amazing. Did they try out for Ox in the first place, I wonder? Were they standing there, in the flavour-blending factory, saying "No, no - this tastes of beef! Try again!". Or, conversely, did they have beef in their sights, and yet everything they tried just tasted too, well, Oxy. Who can say?

Yes, that is all.


Bloggers4Labour said...

I think that, in crisp terms, all animals fall into either the pork, beef, or chicken categories - whether they're allowed to roam around the farmyard freely and are ethically slaughtered, or else shoved into a big mincing machine - but that's just a limitation of crisps as a medium for delivering flavour (not to mention nourishment).

Michael St. John said...

The name of the flavor is a reference to the TV show, "The Young Ones." And it's actually vegetarian.