Thursday, October 25, 2007

darryl's drawings

There's no need for me to re-write this, as Pete captures entirely my feelings - I've been enjoying Darryl Cunningham's webcomics and drawings for a while now, and its distressing to hear that he's in trouble. If you can possibly help then perhaps you should. Over to Pete:

"The cartoonist Darryl Cunningham is in somewhat dire straights financially at the moment and reading his journal can get a bit painful at times. He’s got to the stage where he’s desperate enough to ask his friends for cash which seems an eminently sensible idea. (He’s offering art in return once he’s sorted but I don’t think that’s necessary - he’s given enough as it as.) Obviously most of you reading this won’t know Darryl from Adam but for those who’ve known him over the years and enjoyed his comics, and who might have the odd tenner to spare, I direct you to that link".
Here's one of Darryl's drawings - hopefully he won't mind my reproducing it.

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