Monday, October 08, 2007

how much is your radiohead?

Curious about how much other people are paying for the new Radiohead album? I am. This site is full of clues, however - you can take the survey yourself or see how others responded.

I've been thinking about what I would pay if I went in for this - I think I'd settle on between four and five pounds, taking into account (a) that that's already much more than the band would receive from a CD sale and (b) that there's no physical product or packaging. What continues to impress me most about the whole deal is the quality of the diskbox, and I'm enthused that so many people are opting for that. Great stuff.


Ali P said...

Sorry to be controversial but I wouldn't pay £1. S took me to Radiohead last year at the Hammersmith Apollo and I almost slit my wrists. It was the most sombre, depressing awful gig I have ever been to. And of course I know this is their 'thing', but honestly, the crowd weren't moved by the moodiness of it, they were f**king bored out of their collective minds.

Luckily enough I was there on a business thing and there was some drunken toff twat with us who I laughed at all night- thank god I didn't have to pay for the 'privelege'.

Yours anticipating a hammering,

Ali :)

ps- yes, I know. Radiohead gigs are not the best place for corporate 'dos'

jonathan said...

Believe it or not, I'm with you. Apart from the odd genuinely brilliant track, I've never taken to Radiohead; self-important, over-serious, pompous. Songs nothing like as good as they used to be.

Now let's wait for people to shout at us.

Dan said...

I want to shout.. Just having a think.

I saw them play in Oxford with my brother. They were really good. It was just when 'Kid A / Amnesiac' came out.

Also, its a cliche but 'OK Computer' is seminal.

jonathan said...

That certainly is a cliche! ;-)

Ali P said...

Thank goodness we're not the ones looking like a wanker J! :)

Stephen Newton said...

Do you think people will be honest about what they've paid? You might say you paid £5 because you want to come across as a cool and honest fan, when really it was 50p.