Thursday, October 18, 2007


Not really used it yet, but I'm excited about the fact that I now have a copy of GarageBand on my mac - having played with Reason a fair bit over the last few years I'm kind of looking forward to the simplicity of a recording tool which I always hear good things about. So look for some GarageBand demos on this blog once I get round to a proper play.

In the meantime, there's a good article about the tool in the Guardian today, from which the following paragraph is lifted.

"People looking for the next revolution in music are actually looking in the wrong place," says Ward, who recently launched the Now Form A Band campaign, encouraging budding creators to tap into punk's DIY spirit and use free or open source software such as Luna Free, Ardour or Kristal Audio Engine. "The revolution is the internet. It doesn't matter if the music itself is not groundbreaking - the next revolution is how it's actually recorded and distributed."
And the quote below is from an interview with the divine Scout Niblett, who is a fan too.

What's your favourite piece of technology?
"The program GarageBand. I use it to put ideas down and then write my songs. It's really low-fi, even though it's high tech. I don't use any external mics, just the internal one on the computer - I just press record and sing at the computer, and that's how I get my ideas down."

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