Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Portland - indie rock mecca?

I never need much persuasion to write about either Steve Malkmus or Portland, one of my favourite cities on the planet, so this article in Slate magazine is an obvious read - although the author manages to somehow write about a bunch of people (Malkmus, Sleater-Kinney, Modest Mouse, Spoon) and a city that I love in a way that makes me shrug. Nevertheless, it's definitely interesting that such a vibrant artistic community has centred itself on Portland, so the article is worth a read.

More interesting is the reaction of Brian Libby, who blogs about architecture in Portland, and seizes on some of the more interesting passages of the article (where the author discusses not indie rock but the broader cultural identity of the city) to wonder what implications such a creative renaissance might have for the built environment in Portland. He merely poses the question rather than asking it, but I'd be interested - as a fan of the city - to see how Portland changes in years to come. Will it expand, becoming more of a big city, or become increasingly refined and artistic? Or will a few hip musicians, artists and architects ultimately have little bearing on the city in years to come? All interesting things to ponder.

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