Tuesday, September 04, 2007

international sex guide

I'm not really a veteran of internet cafés. Because I never used them when I first used to use the internet, I never got used to the idea and have always subsequently viewed them as rather curious, borderline mucky little dens, where foreign students send homesick missives or requests for cash, or men look up the local brothels. This is doubtless unfair, and I'm pleased that the several internet cafés in central Cavtat offer me a valuable way of getting online, seeing as the wireless broadband at the conference I'm attending is, rather typically, not working.

However, when I logged on, just now, obscured behind a raffia screen and immersed in the sounds of Bon Jovi and Mr Mister (courtesy of the café stereo), I clicked on the google search function in the toolbar and it automatically unfolded to reveal the previous incumbent's searches - all of which were titled things like 'internationalsexguide.com', or 'croatian strip clubs'.

So perhaps I was right after all.

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Ali P said...

Come on, a little honesty wouldn't hurt. They were your search entries weren't they?

It reminds me of when I borrowed Steve's laptop once and made the mistake of viewing the history from pure nosiness. It made me laugh out loud, boys are so silly.