Wednesday, September 19, 2007

news about peoples' favourite bands

My favourite band is Blur. There's been much talk, almost all of it from Alex, suggesting that Blur will be getting back togther, Graham included, this autumn. So far I've not actually heard anything from Graham himself that it's on. Until now.

Speaking to NME.COM, Coxon suggested that the reunion now depended on Blur frontman Damon Albarn.

"Dave, Alex and I are all talking. I talk to Alex the most. But there's four individuals in the band," he said. "We're all really busy, but there's definitely a week [when we're going to record].

"I'm just raring to record," he added. "But anything could happen. An alligator could come out of the Thames and eat the Tate Modern while I'm in it, or a mosquito could come and kill us all."

When asked what the new Blur material would sound like, Coxon joked, tongue firmly in cheek, that "there would be ten tracks, recorded on a 16-track, and all the songs will have loads of guitar on them."
British Sea Power are Anne-Sophie's favourite band. They release their new EP, 'Krankenhaus?', on November 20th. Back to the NME:

The EP was recorded in locations ranging from "sub-zero Montreal" to "the summery forest of the Czech Republic," frontman Yan told Spin.

He said it touches on several themes, including 'nature in all its glory' and 'technology, booze, drugs, girls and history'.

The 'Krankenhaus?' tracklisting is:

'Down on the Ground'
'Straight Down the Line'
'Hearing Aid'
'The Pelican'
Good stuff - looking forward to that.

Lastly, Scout Niblett is Siobhán's favourite musician. Her new LP is out on October 15th. It is, rather marvellously, called 'This Fool Can Die Now', and features four duets with Bonnie Prince Billy. You can listen to some of the tracks on myspaz. And look, here's the acer than ace artwork! Cool.

We saw Scout Niblett at the weekend and she was predictably amazing, taking such evident joy from the noise she makes. Her performance was tremendously affecting - alternately heartbreakingly delicate and crunchingly noisy. When Siobhán got back to Brighton she wrote Scout this short letter on her journal. I endorse its contents entirely.

Dear Scout Niblett,
I love you. You sing songs about eggs and driving (two of my favourite things), When the drums come in on 'Hot to Death' I start flapping my arms, jumping up and down and grinning at strangers!, you break into a massive grin everytime you launch into a noisy bit of one of your songs, and you make my eyes go a bit watery when you sing the more quiet ones. Even though I have seen you play quite a few times now, you have never failed to delight me,
Love Siobhan Britton, Aged 22 and a half.


Anonymous said...

Do you do any work at work? The SN album cover reminds me of another, but I can't put my finger on it.

jonathan said...

I certainly do - just spent the last hour struggling with ghastly legal speak and contract stuff.

But I don't work during my lunch hour, I chew sandwiches and write lovely posts for your entertainment.