Thursday, September 20, 2007

nearby children #2

I went down to the doctor's surgery in Kemptown after work today and got the bus back up to Seven Dials. As I sat down upstairs I found myself behind a woman with two young kids, girls of around seven or eight, I guess.

Girl A: I used to have a parrot!
Girl B: A carrot?
Girl A: A parrot. I kept it in a cage.
Girl B: What happened to it?
Girl A: It escaped.
Girl B: Was it an english parrot?
Girl A: It came from abroad but I kept it here. My mum didn't know I had it. When she came in the bedroom I put it in a box.
Girl B: Didn't she hear it talking?
Girl A: No, because I put lots of boxes on it.
Girl B: (looks sceptical)
Girl A: I went into the garden and caught 21 worms and put them in a mug and brought them in and then she ate them all and then went outside and tried to find some more.
Girl B: (looks horrified)
Girl A: This morning I trod in the cat food and didn't wipe it off my shoe.

At this point, with a great deal of regret, I had to disembark.

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