Saturday, September 08, 2007

beer and football

I had a pleasant evening tonight, sat in the bars of Cavtat, having a beer and watching the football on the bar TV. It's odd watching an England match in a public place where no-one cheers if they score. Of course, they don't ordinarily score, but they did tonight, three times. Goodness.

Some young Croatians came and sat next to me at one point, and did that thing that young people on mainland Europe do occasionally, which unnerves me profoundly. They don't drink. Worse, they drink fruit juice or coffee. Breakfast drinks.

Despite this, they joke and laugh and give away every outward sign of enjoying themselves. They even seem comfortable with members of the opposite sex, sober. This isn't England, I think. And these aren't children - they're nineteen, twenty, perhaps even older. I feel like an alien. These kids are zombies. I mean, I've seen Christians doing this, back home, but this lot look like ordinary people. I console myself by wondering if they are Christians in disguise.

Spooked, I order another beer.

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