Tuesday, September 04, 2007

i hate wasps

I have done a deal with the wasps of Croatia. When I eat, I pull out one morsel of food, a slice of tomato, perhaps, and lay it at the furthest end of the table. Upon this the wasp may feed to its heart content, as long as it leaves me alone. The wasp with whom I struck this deal was fair and just and kept his side of the bargain. Good.

Later wasps are either unaware of this pact, or paying no heed. Little fuckers.


Vic said...

Wasps are twats. Hope you're enjoying Croatia otherwise. x

Skuds said...

You can't trust wasps!

Ali P said...

In Spain recently, I struck a similar deal with a wasp who seemed quite happy chomping on a juicy piece of pineapple, until he went missing and then turned up on my inside thigh trying to feast on the plentiful flesh. There's just no reasoning with some wasps. When I told him he had to go, he bit me. So he died.