Friday, June 08, 2007

starting that song from scratch

Right, time to make amends for that absolute stinker of a song I published yesterday - listened back to it in the cold light of a muggy Friday morning and thought, huh, that didn't work. What a mess. Sorry about that.

Will try to explain why it didn't work, if you're interested. Like I said, the first version of the song wasn't very loud at all, a kind of slow, dubby track created on my computer, with hardly any guitars at all. When I converted it over from my sequencer I realised that I could make it rockier, but only after I had laid down an initial acoustic guitar track. So when I did layer on the louder noises I did so over the other stuff and made the whole thing sound muddy as a consequence. It was a bit fast, too.

More problematically I wrote the whole thing in the wrong key, probably, and can't be bothered to transpose it. But to stay in tune I'm either singing too high or too low, which I can kind of get away with (in that I don't care too much about a few flaws), until everything is already a bit substandard, at which point, well, it falls apart a bit.

Ha ha, I'm a self-hating rocker.

Anyway, so it's back to the drawing board; have spent the evening trying a rather simpler approach, and have slowed it down a bit. There's less overdubbing but I've attempted not to sacrifice the overall noise quotient as a consequence. Hopefully it sounds a bit better!!

The making-it-up-to you version of 'Nice Day' is available at the following link:

Assistant - Nice Day (home demo II) [3.40 mins, 5mb]

Promise I won't do another recording of it tomorrow - sick of it now!!! You'll notice there's no careful fade-out this time - spent too long on it already!

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Caro said...

Hah, that actually is a lot better, yeah. Nice one.