Wednesday, June 06, 2007

links clearout continued

Just a few verrrry quick links:

Dave's blog has had a nice re-design which is worth a look - it's all in aid of Guy and Dyson. If you wanna know who they are, click on the link.

Everytime I see Anne-Sophie she shouts "you've got a new t-shirt!", which is, shamefully, often true - but it's got to the point where I really can't justify buying any more. It's lucky, then, that most of the t-shirts which really caught my eye over at Threadless are sold out in my size! Very lucky indeed. Still - you can go and buy some t-shirts; Al over at Gromblog has been.

There's a sale on t-shirts at Kill Rock Stars, too.

I was a slow starter with the White Stripes - I didn't see the big deal at all for years, and then saw them play a revelatory live set (on the TV, not in the flesh) which was just astonishing and which converted me completely. Except the next day I forgot about it and haven't thought of them since. It's funny that they don't appeal to me, cause they're the kind of band I like. But no, nothing. Anyway, their new album is out soon, and here's a link to evidence of Jack White behaving like a dick.

Lastly, he's not that fashionable I guess, but I like Ben Kweller. Elsewhere I note with only the slightest interest that the Smashing Pumpkins (who were very briefly brilliant around the time of Gish) are back together, touring and recording once more. No high hopes for their comeback, nor fond memories of their major label career. But I did listen to their 'Today' a lot many years ago, so the cover version of that song being streamed over at Ben Kweller's myspace page is probably worth a listen. (via)

That's it for now. My bookmarks folder is looking a bit more managable now, thank god.

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