Saturday, June 09, 2007

records and flowers

I've got a cold. Who wants to know what I've spent money on today?

£3.00 - breakfast from the local cafe
£1.60 - Guardian newspaper
£3.00 - bunch of peonies
£1.99 - Los Campesinos! - 'you! me! dancing' 7"
£1.99 - The Human Knives - 'Voices of Buttons and Knobs' 7"
£3.99 - Prinzhorn Dance School - 'Up Up Up' 12"
60p - carton of Ribena

Total: £16.17

What about you?


Alex said...

Hi J,

1.60: paper
19.40: food at tescos
4.99: blank DVDs from HMV
3.20: pint of stella at lunchtime!

can't be bothered to add it up!

Ali P said...

On Saturday I purchased:

x6 beer tokens- £18
x1 'gourmet' taco and chilli- £5.60
x1 samosa- £0.80p
x1 warming cup of tea-£2.50
x1 hydrating bottle of water- £2.50

£27ish quid. And nothing to show apart from slightly fatter arse