Tuesday, June 05, 2007

links clearout: prinzhorn dance school

I've had a quiet week in terms of posting, but had an even quieter May in terms of posting up links to other noteworthy bits and bobs I found on the internet. So it's time to clean out my bookmarks folder and provide a bunch of links to distract and amuse.

First Up-Up-Up, the always excellent Fluxblog provided a link to the new single by the ace Prinzhorn Dance School - it's ace, although not quite as exciting as their first 7", You Are The Space Invader. Well worth downloading, though - and buying, too, actually, as it's pressed on lovely thick, weighty vinyl. You can download it here then buy it here. Hurrrah. As Matthew Perpetua says, "The music is extremely spare and bleak, but there's just enough dark wit and campy horror film drama in the mix to keep it from getting too bitter and dreary".

Good stuff.

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