Friday, June 08, 2007

nice day

I've been making crappy little home demos of songs for years and years and have learned one thing - if you want a song to work, the best thing to do is let it stand on its own and not drown it with noise, because as soon as you do it becomes something muddy and formless. One new song I've been working on recently has been through several iterations - the first demo was slow and mostly synthesised, so it was very clean and not really a rock song in any sense. The second was clean and crisp, a couple of guitars and no effects. For the third I failed to follow all my own rules and ended up layering guitars over it until, eventually, the vocals were all but submerged. So in a sense I didn't look after the song at all well, and ended up letting it off the leash while I looked in the other direction.

Anyway, I like it all a bit muddy, really, and there's something nice about the fact that a song ostensibly about being happy for someone else's good fortune ends up sounding aggressive and a bit furious. I might just have been indulging my liking for loud guitars, or a bit of good old straightforward bitterness might have crept through.

Anyway, I've talked it up much too much, it's just a quickie really. Here you go - lemme know what you think.

Assistant - Nice Day (home demo) [3 mins, 4.3mb]

UPDATE: Don't download this, I listened back and it's rubbish. If you follow this link here you can access a much better version. I'll leave the above recording up, though, just in case you want to compare and contrast. x

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