Tuesday, June 05, 2007

links clearout 3: google street map

Last of today's link clearouts, for now...

You might have already seen the new Google map feature which enables you to drill down in mind-boggling detail to street-level views, but if not it's an absolute must. They've only done it for a few select US cities so far, but the one for San Francisco has had me bewitched all week. The amount of data and the quality of the images is just staggering. Unbeliavably, not only can you track your way round the city moving forwards and backwards along its many roads, you can also pan round 360 degrees. Amazing. Taking the end of Powell St, for example, which is where I stayed when I was there, you can obtain a full spin of high detail photos. Here are three from one position alone. Wow. There's some info on how it's done here, via Gromblog.

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Anonymous said...

Great init? There are some gems of images in there - like the nice young chap by the speed limit sign here

- Morgan