Tuesday, July 27, 2004

spider cam

It is, perhaps, a sign that my heart is not really in it today that I have spent the last half hour pre-occupied with a spider that has decided to make my desk his home - he is a confident fellow; one minute merrily preparing a web from the side of my monitor to the desk divider, the next crawling over my screen, as if each letter I add to the back cover copy I'm writing is an insect he might trap. In fact, should any fly be unlucky enough to get caught in my spider's web, I fear he will not have too much too worry about. Bold he may be. Bigger than a crumb, he is not.

Looking away for a while I got a bit of shock to discover, when I looked up, that he had apparently decided to make my face the next stop on his ever expanding web, and was chugging along towards me, about two inches from the safety of my forehead. Needless to say, I resisted. I am a friend of spiders, yes, but I draw a line at being made their home - that's a step too far. That said, perhaps now is a good time to ask how?. I'm sure people have explained to me in the past how spiders make their webs but how had he got so near to my face? Upon what had he attached himself? Me?

So, schoolboy stuff - I've not yet named my eight-legged chum, and will happily name him after the first person who can use the comment box below to explain how spiders get their web spun across from Point A (my monitor) to Point B (my head).

Meanwhile, any more exciting spider action and you'll be the first to know.



Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Spiders"Spinning a web is a very difficult and complex procedure for spiders. First, a spider uses its silk to make a thread of silk between two beams of some kind. Then the spider brings down another string from each end of this support strand, and connects them forming a triangle. Next the spider adds four more triangles. Two of them against the beams, two below them forming a larger triangle by connecting the two bottom triangles. Next the spider puts 3 to 6 strands of silk from each triangle to the center, then puts a long spiral through them."

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