Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Brighton Bloggers / Assistant Gig

Not had an awful lot of time to blog, recently; having spent much of last week in Leeds I spent the weekend helping lovely Vic celebrate her birthday and yesterday out of the office meeting an academic from Sussex University. Today I've got a huge amount of work to do in preparation for another work trip tomorrow; up to Edinburgh for three days - a trip I'm really looking forward to, having never been to Scotland.

Logging on, there's lots happening; the Brighton Bloggers resource, which has lain dormant ever since I first discovered it, seems to be kicking back into life, with a summer meet up mooted and some new bloggers registering. For a list of brighton blogs click here. Anyone who does blog from the area and isn't registered; do so :-)

Brighton Bloggers

And in keeping with this new lease of life, the following turns up in the This Is Brighton magazine:

Just listened to, and very much liked, Andrew's new composition; Sylvan Wood. Right click and save on the preceding link to download a copy.

And as Assistant gear up for our London gig (supporting Girlinky at the Spice of Life on Sat 17th July - details below) and refine our set list, we've had another show confirmed. We'll be first on (always the bridesmaid...) at the cheery old Pav Tav on Thursday 12th August, supporting Elite, mates of our mate Andrew BB (it comes full circle). More details, as usual, to follow.

And while we're on the subject; current set list for the Girlinky gig is looking like:

2. You Should Know
3. I'm Shit
4. What It Means
5. Drinking With You
6. Vine to Vine
7. Easy to Leave
8. Engines and Anvils

The mysteriously titled 'New Song' is, surprise surprise, no new it doesn't have a title yet, but it a couple of minutes of blistering punk-pop, and highly regarded by the band / woefully under-rehearsed (note to self; delete as applicable).

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