Friday, July 16, 2004

midi size, and a girdle round about the earth

An interesting article on the Guardian website today about the paper's direction and reach - and their intentions regarding format. I'm not a fan of the tabloid version of the Independent (much less the Times) and was rather hoping that the Guardian would resist this fashionable change, rather as Roy Greenslade has been intimating in his media columns. Well, they have, after a fashion, as the article below makes clear that they will not adopt the tabloid format. They will, however, move "to the midi shape of some of the leading European papers, such as Le Monde and La Repubblica, which is considered a more modern and better-shaped receptacle for the Guardian ethos".

Hmmm. Elsewhere, today's Guardian carries an interesting little piece about King Tubby.


Anonymous said...


Stop posting articles about 'What I saw in the Guardian today'. This article was in the paper a few days ago and is old hat anyway.

Your Blog if you are not careful will resemble Morning television where (no matter what the programme) a large slice of it is given over to the lazy practice of seeing what other people have written in newspapers that day.

Otherwise a well written blog - Well Done.

PS _ F 9/11 is'nt a good as you think. :P

jonathan said...

Ah, some truth in that, although if the Guardian will keep on posting articles on things I'm interested in...

Actually the main reason I set up my feed was so that I had a place to put all the articles I come across and not just blog them, so I'll probably start using that more. Count yourself lucky I don't have time to trawl the other papers for stories, too...

In the meantime you'll be pleased to note that I have entirely original and authentic posts planned on subjects as diverse as know-it-all kids disturbing my peace on the bus each morning, vanity publishing, the noise-abatement society, drunks behaving badly in pubs and (flails wildly around for a subject) the insane genius of The Futureheads.

If I get round to it.

Farenheit 9/11 is, if anything, better than I think it is; not because it is great direction, or great journalism, or wildly funny, but because it is mad and big and exciting and silly and it has the grandest ambition of just about any film you can name. I'll take that over Shrek or Lord of The Rings anyday of the week.

Thanks for the the comment, though :-) Who are you!?!

Anonymous said...

We are the Independent Monitroing Authority (of Jonathans Blog). Set up to combat laziness in Blogging. While we welcome comments of or from Newspaper articles, especially from the more enlightened end of the media we feel that The Guardian, Independent et al are all to often patting themselves on the back as it is.

The move to the Midi sized format by the Guardians so they can be just like Le Monde is bleedin' typical of them wanting to be different. Oh I bet the populous of Hamstead or Kemp Town for that matter can't wait for their convienetly sized 'midi' to accompany them to their nearest Coffee shop where they can conduct their class war over a skinny latte.

So less of it please. More 'funny things I heard on trains would be good'.

jonathan said...

Ah,the IMA(OJB). Was wondering when you guys would show up.

Can best point you in the direction of the London Underground Blog in that case, as it is near-peerless in train-related anecdotage. Here you go.

That said, I did opt to sit in an empty booth on my train home last night and was soon joined by two rather nice, well-spoken kids who sat quietly next to me and asked me a couple of questions about which stations the train was calling at. I answered civilly and, I thought, in a rather friendly manner, as befits an elder statesman of the train.

These young men, I remember thinking, are rather like I was fifteen years ago; articulate, sensitive and calm. Ten minutes later they began a game of 'let's kick the shit out of each other whilst still seated' as I sat by, white, pretending to read.

Incidentally, my blog will be going midi as of next Monday...