Thursday, July 15, 2004

Dracos-adapted UK Railways Live Departure Boards

I use online train timetables and departure boards a lot, and they all share one thing in common; rotten navigability. So Matthew Somerville, who has just been forced to take down his accessible version of the Odeon website, has created an easy and workable alternative to the railtrack websites.

Dracos-adapted UK Railways Live Departure Boards

And, for fun, why not look up whether my train home will be running on time tonight?

Trains through Chichester

More useful stuff you can thank Matthew for...
- Timetables
- BBC site sans adverts
- Navigable Hutton Enquiry site

Not quite sure whether you'll want to use the last link, with the Butler report so entertaining. Perhaps we could ask Matthew to produce an online version of that where Blair takes the rap?

Here's his site.

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