Monday, July 26, 2004

how exciting

good lord, it's easy to please some people.

"Next year's third and final instalment of the "Star Wars" prequels will be called "Star Wars: Episode III -- Revenge of the Sith," the film's producers have said.

The name was unveiled on Saturday for 6,500 comic-book fans at the 35th annual Comic-Con International in San Diego. Many in the audience jumped out of their seats, thunderously screaming in joy. Some even gave one another hugs."

Who can blame them?

Elsewhere in the (ahem) news, revelations that the captive Saddam Hussein has developed a penchant for horticulture and American foodstuffs lead to the headline 'Muffin-muncher Saddam loves gardening' on Yahoo! Is it just me or does that sound like it should be accompanied by a photo-shoot in Heat, where Saddam is snapped leaning lazily on his spade, gorging himself on a cake. A boxed picture to the right shows the disgraced dictator in leaner shape during his capture; Saddam, we're supposed to think, you've let yourself go.


BB said...

Such bland, boring titles. How about "Star Wars 3: When Aliens Attack", "Star Wars: Invasion Earth 2123", "Star Wars 3: Triumph of the Horrible Robots", or even "Han meets his Wookie" ?

jonathan said...

How about 'Star Wars 3: Operation Iraqi Freedom'? No? 'Star Wars 3: Approach of the Imams'? 'Star Wars 3: The Cheney Saga'? I could keep going all day...