Friday, July 02, 2004

farenheit 911 transcript

{REDLINERANTS} is a (affects expression of immense distaste) 'Blog for Bush', so has to work hard to get a link here. It manages it because it contains a complete transcript of Michael Moore's 'Farenheit 911'. I'm not sure I want to read it, preferring to wait for the real thing, but I'm definitely glad I can read it. The link above points to part one of the transcript. This is part 2. I believe there's one more to follow - I'll update when it gets posted.

An extract: The narrator, naturally, is Moore.

SECRETARY POWELL: The United States is prepared to lead a Coalition of the Willing that will do it.

PRESIDENT BUSH: When I say we will lead a Coalition of the Willing to disarm him if he chooses not to disarm, I mean it.

REPORTER: Who is in that Coalition of the Willing?

PRESIDENT BUSH: You will find out who is in the Coalition of the Willing.

(words "Coalition of the Willing" appear over a globe)

VOICEOVER: The Coalition of the Willing roll call: the Republic of Palau. The Republic of Costa Rica. The Republic of Iceland.

NARRATOR: Of course none of these countries has an army or, for that matter, weapons. (showing video clips of people pounding rocks, riding horses and such) So it looked like we'd be doing most of the invading stuff ourselves. But then there was also...

VOICEOVER: Romania. The Kingdom of Morocco.

NARRATOR: Morocco wasn't officially a member of the Coalition, but according to one report, they did offer to send 2,000 monkeys to help detonate landmines.

PRESIDENT BUSH: These are men of vision.

VOICEOVER: The Netherlands.

PRESIDENT BUSH: And I'm incredibly proud to call 'em allies.

(video of baboons sitting at a conference table)

VOICEOVER: Afghanistan.

NARRATOR: Afghanistan? Hm. Oh yeah, they had an army. Our army! I guess that's one way to build a coalition: just keep invading countries. Yes, with our mighty coalition intact (more video of primitive folk wrestling, riding bikes, being very non-Western European... except for the bikes), we were ready.

SECRETARY RUMSFELD: One could almost say it's the mother of all coalitions.

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