Saturday, April 05, 2008

sarcastic parents

Just been reading a review of Simon Armitage's new book, 'Gig: The Life and Times of a Rock-Star Fantasist' in The New Statesman; the write-up echoes my thoughts about Armitage's prose - that it's too often unsatisfyingly blokey, only occasionally reaching the heights of his delightful poetry. It does, by the sound of things, contain plenty of anecdotes though. Most are about the deeply boring world of rock music, but there are exceptions. This one stuck out and made me laugh:

At an event attended by his parents, Armitage realises the poem he is about to read contains an expletive. "There's a word in this poem I've never said in front of my mother before," he says.

"Would it be 'thank you'?" mutters his father.

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