Wednesday, April 30, 2008

coffee with midlake

Some distinctly peculiar news via Drowned In Sound:

Midlake's Eric Pulido, guitarist in the Denton-based indie-rock quintet, is to launch his own brand of coffee.

Cappulido Coffee will feature six blends of, erm, coffee, and every sale will see money directed the way of farmers in developing countries. So: you get your hit, and some fellow far away gets a few extra pennies. Bonus, doubled.

The guitarist commented: "Coffee has become a huge commodity in our culture today, and supplying it in a fair and quality manner was something I wanted to take part in. With Cappulido I am able to offer a coffee that I personally know supports the farmers that grow it, and provides the consumer with a freshly roasted, excellent bean."

Should you wish to learn more about Pulido's coffee, click
In the meantime, put down that Fleet Foxes record and listen to Midlake's 'Roscoe' again, and remind yourself how ace it is.


Dan said...


I wish they'd concentrate on the 3rd album...

Do you think Fleet Foxes will bring out a coffee? They are Midlake-esque are'nt they?

Nat XXX said...

Yikes i only have "the trials of Van Ocupanther", didn´t know they had a 2nd album. I am crazy about midlake, Roscoe is great, but all the songs really.

"The village used to be all one really needs
That's filled with hundreds and hundreds of
Chemicals that mostly surround you
You wish to flee but it's not like you .
So listen to me, listen to me "


I realy love "Head Home" too. I dunno if they´ve been to BCN yet or they will.. Last cool gig in Bcn was Block Party ...and soon Radiohead! yay! and Max├»mo Park.

Sorry I went completelly off the subject...

What´s midlake´s 2nd album called? Is it as cool as the "the trials"?

Dan said...

Trials of Van Occupanther IS the 2nd album Nat. There was one before it called Banman and Silvercork, an equally odd name but the first few tracks are great.

Good stuff on EPs too.