Sunday, April 13, 2008

currently listening:

1. Supa D - Rinse 03 LP: Awesome mix CD of funky, 4x4 garage from the venerable Rinse FM DJ.
2. Thomas Tantrum - 'Trust Rhymes With Crust': Wave Pictures aside, my fave band at the moment.
3. New Bloods - The Secret Life LP: Lurching, DIY pop from the US noiseniks; think ESG crossed with John Cale.
4. It Hugs Back - 'Other Cars Go': Ace Thurston Moore-isms from this increasingly impressive band; four ace singles and counting.
5. Wiley - 'Wearing My Rolex': Inevitably.
6. Your Heart Breaks - 'Southern Girl': Lesbian punk rock from the US. Don't know much more about it.
7. Tippa Irie - 'Complain Neighbour': Hilarious and brilliant dancehall pop from the incredible 'An England Story' compilation on Soul Jazz.
8. The Paper Cranes - 'I'll Love You 'Til My Veins Explode': Nice, very English sounding indie pop after a Teardrop Explodes fashion. Unbelievably, they're Canadian.
9. The Breeders - Mountain Battles LP: I think the Breeders top the Pixies every time. You?
10. No Age - 'Eraser': short and sweet post-MBV pop from Sub Pop, good stuff.


Ben said...

Heard 'Other Cars Go' for the first time last night - enjoyed it, but can't help but think it's much more Yo La Tengo than Sonic Youth. The other stuff on their MySpace (singles?) sounded decent too. Why've they got such a crap name - they should be called We Are Japanese Girls...

Ben said...

Oh, and I was briefly obsessed with the No Age song 'Everybody's Down' that I contemplated going to London for their recent gig just to hear it live. You going to see them when they hit Brighton on 15th May?

jonathan said...

Hey Ben,

Ah, I really wanted to catch No Age in Brighton; but no, I'm off to Lisbon for a work trip that week so can't make it.

Still, Lisbon'll be nice!