Monday, April 28, 2008

new song

Lots of song-writing activity recently at Assistant Blog towers; I've finally got with the modern age and started using Garageband for mixing down demos, and its incredible ease of use has inspired me to start writing new stuff - about six new songs in the last month, of which the following is the most recent. I wrote the lyrics sitting in the sun on Eastbourne pier on Saturday afternoon and improvised the song itself on my bedroom floor yesterday afternoon. Added some bits and bobs tonight but it's basically an afternoon's work - and I'm pleased with it, particularly the words.

Assistant - Relocate (home demo) [2.50 mins, 3.9mb]

"It's hard making bonds,
It's hard finding peace.
I moved from the country,
I moved to the sea.
I found myself a job,
in sales of property.
I moved to the sea,
but the city's calling me.

Relocate, relocate
'til you find yourself somewhere
you feel safe.
before it's too late.

And I love my new friends,
and my future is bright,
And my flat came cheap,
so that's alright.
But the doubt comes in waves,
that familiar fear -
I left my home behind
to come here.

Relocate, relocate,
you need feel no loyalty,
if you need
to escape
this anonymity".


Dan said...

I like it. Especially the bit of domestic chatter at the beginning.

Nat XXX said...

Hey have you heard the new Young Knives album?

It´s ACE.



jonathan said...

Thanks Dan, glad you like it!

Hello Nat! Yeah, Young Knives LP is really good, isn't it? The second half, particularly. Hope you're well, and miss you xxx

Anonymous said...

Cool song. Is that you planning to leave Brighton then?

jonathan said...

No, no, no plans to relocate myself. One of my work colleagues is doing exactly that soon though, unfortunately - so that gave me the idea.

Was talking with my girlfriend about autobiographical songs last night - mine very rarely are. Usually they use glimpses of my own experiences but framed as the actions of someone quite different. Writing songs about oneself is depressing!

Michi said...

Good song Jonathan! :o)