Friday, January 19, 2007

TV shows online

his post is just nicked wholesale from the always interesting Gromblog, so don't thank me, thank them. Here's the original post.

And here it is again:

"Here's a great resource for when you're bored or want to catch up on some tv shows. There are hundreds of TV Shows available for instant viewing (they stream extraordinarily quickly - virtually no wait for buffering) and you can pick from lots of different sections (select from the drop down channel chooser on the top right of the screen. There are even a load of good recent movies to watch. Very dubious legality but hey, it works very well indeed."

Anyone who wants to point out that I really should, given my job, be more protective about copyright... erm, yeah, good point, but this is telly.

*imagines for a moment that that makes all the difference*

UPDATE: just tried it out, and just wanted to confirm what JennyCide says above - incredible quality and virtually no wait. Wow.

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