Thursday, January 04, 2007

back on dry land

Precocious kids get on my nerves, so I wasn't pleased to see that 14 year old Michael Perham has completed his solo navigation across the Atlantic in a 28 foot boat, even if I was slightly impressed. He arrived at Antigua Bay after six weeks alone (but for his dad, trailing him in another boat) yesterday. I warmed to him a little after Channel 4 broadcast his phone conversation with his mum, however, which was a marvellously calibrated example of teenage surliness. No transcript to hand, but it went something like this.

- Mum? It's Michael.
- Oh, hello darling! How are you?
- Fine. I'm just sailing in to Antigua Bay.
- Oh darling! That's wonderful - how much farther do you have to go?
- (exhales noisily) Like, two minutes.
- Two minutes! And is Daddy there, can you see him??
- (snaps) Yeah, he's in the boat right behind.
- Oh, darling, I'm so proud of you, what a wonderful achievement? How do you feel, are you happy?
- (long pause) Yeah mum, I can't really talk for long, OK?


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