Friday, January 26, 2007

New look

It's a work in progress - but please let me know what you think.

what i've done so far:
- added category labels to 2007 posts. I'll work back. categories are listed at the bottom of the sidebar.
- swapped over most (but not all) of the old sidebar links. will try to get them all sorted ASAP.
- done a bit of swearing.

No question though, Blogger Beta is really ace.

UPDATE: question - the background, behind the main posts, is supposed to be a very light blue. Can you see it on your monitor? Let me know.


Dan said...

Looks very smart. Better than the thankfully short lived 'pink look' certainly.

Must feel good to tidy up the old files?

The blue is a very light blue on my monitor. It looks nice.

Is the picture of the crayons staying? Why not have the Band pic back?

Good work though!

Stephen Newton said...

Looks good, including the light blue which is more or a nice grey.

jonathan said...

Yeah, I'm quite happy with it so far - really enjoying tinkering, although I'd better get back to work now.

Band photo will be back, but I forget to note down the URL.

I really like the labels facility, although it'll take a while to apply them to 957 posts!

Need to sort through the links in the sidebar really, lots are out of date.

Bloggers4Labour said...

I'm seeing grey, rather than blue, but it's all good. Nice work.

Any chance of a link? :-)

jonathan said...

Yep! Not transferred over my list of politics blogs yet... Will do so shortly.

Anonymous said...

me no like

i think i preferred the gayboy pink