Tuesday, January 30, 2007

new song

A night spent mostly cooking has meant I've not sat down to read a book or watch telly, or any of the usual things, tonight - but the one thing I have been doing is picking up my acoustic guitar and fiddling around with it; and the product, much to my surprise, is one of the quickest songs I've ever written - I'm sure it's not one of the best, but the words, melodies and chords all came together in about ten minutes, or around three plays through, so that's something of a record. Not wanting to lose it, I spent another twenty minutes making a very rough recording, so I've uploaded it for anyone to listen to if they want: it's short, quite soft, and a bit folky, and is about, er, relationships and stuff. Key lyrics follow; sorry if they're a bit bleak:

"Oh, I know you've got your dreams,
and I've taken them away.
I just bailed. I just bailed.
And they'll just fade away".

Assistant - Bailed (home demo) [2.8mb, right click to save]

Hope you like it.


Natalia said...

Nice tune!

Unfortunately there was some bloke singing very badly over it and that spoiled it!



I'm so funny.

Powerful Pierre said...

What this needs is a dumb electric guitar line. I am available!